Helpful Information About Renters Insurance

  • Is Renters Insurance Mandatory?

    In today’s world, it is important to have financial protection against unexpected events. One way to achieve this is by having renters insurance, which can help protect your personal belongings and cover your liability as a tenant. Some tenants may wonder, “is renters insurance mandatory?” To our knowledge, renters insurance is not a mandatory requirement […]

  • Renters Insurance is Good for Tenants

    When looking for a place to live, some may forget to consider the importance of renters insurance. For homeowners who have a mortgage, many times homeowners insurance is a requirement by the mortgage company. Even if a homeowner does not have a mortgage, homeowners insurance is great protection against unforeseen events. Similarly for tenants, renters […]

  • How to File a Renters Insurance Claim

    Renters insurance protects tenants against personal property loss, liability from guest injury, and cost of living expenses when temporarily displaced. When tenants buy renters insurance, it is with the hope they never have to use it. However, it is hard to control what can happen. So if a tenant incurs a covered loss, liability, or […]

  • Myths about Renters Insurance

    Most types of insurance are optional. Probably the two most popular types of insurance are automobile and health. And between the two, automobile insurance tends to be a requirement. Most states require automobile insurance to own (and thus register) a car. Health insurance, on the other hand, is not a requirement by anyone. Renters insurance […]

  • Who Pays for Renters Insurance?

    The labels for most types of insurance generally reflect who or what is covered. For example, automobile insurance is a policy that protects the car . . . and driver. Homeowners insurance is coverage for the home . . . and property owner. Medical insurance is coverage for health-related expenses . . . and the […]

  • Does Renters Insurance Cover Theft?

    Having something stolen from you is never a pleasant experience. And then figuring out a way to replace the stolen property is another challenge. In these situations of theft, renters insurance can help. Most policies for renters insurance cover theft. It is always good practice to review your policy with your licensed insurance agent to […]

  • Types of Renters Insurance Coverage

    Renters insurance is a type of insurance designed to help tenants who are paying rent to live in rental property. The types of renters insurance coverage generally fall into three categories: personal property, liability, and additional living expenses. We will cover these at a high level below: Personal Property Very simply, personal property is stuff […]

  • Does Renters Insurance Cover Pets?

    If your pet is the cause of damage or injury, you may wonder if renters insurance cover pets. The true answer is that it depends on your renters insurance policy. The liability coverage of renters insurance will most likely provide some protection when it comes to pets. You will ultimately want to review your policy […]

  • Renters Insurance vs Homeowners Insurance

    Insurance is a form of protection for the policy holder when the unexpected happens. The insurance policy holder pays a premium to the insurance company. In exchange, the insurance company pays or provides coverage to the policy holder in the event of a covered loss. When it comes to renters insurance vs homeowners insurance, some […]

  • Is Renters Insurance Required?

    The short answer to “is renters insurance required?” is “it depends.” States regulate insurance, including renters insurance. To our knowledge, there are no states that legally mandate renters insurance. Landlords and property management companies, however, may require renters insurance as part of their lease agreements. It is important to check your state rental housing laws […]