Help Tenants Get Renters Insurance with Renters Insurance Wizard

Landlords use Renters Insurance Wizard to help tenants get renters insurance.

If landlords can help tenants get renters insurance, then it’s a win win for both. Renters insurance provides protection for landlords and tenants. It can cover the loss or damage of the tenant’s personal property due to covered theft or damage, liability for injuries, and relocation expenses when a covered event deems the rental property temporarily uninhabitable. Some good news is that renters insurance is relatively inexpensive. According to NerdWallet, it costs around $148 a year or $12 per month. Premium amounts will vary depending on coverages. For example, depending on how the tenant values their personal property will determine how much coverage (low versus high) to purchase. Tenants should ensure they have enough coverage for their personal property to either repair or replace it if necessary.

Your landlord can help you get started with renters insurance by using Renters Insurance Wizard. They can send you a link to purchase renters insurance. It is easy for tenants to purchase insurance through Renters Insurance Wizard. Landlords start with sending tenants a link through their free Renters Insurance Wizard account to purchase insurance. Through Renters Insurance Wizard, tenants can adjust coverage, see premium amounts, and pay for insurance by credit card online. For landlords, they can see insured tenants and remind those who still need coverage. Renters Insurance Wizard is a free tool for landlords.