Does Renters Insurance Cover Pets?

renters insurance pet
Wondering if renters insurance covers pets? Check your policy for coverage details.

If your pet is the cause of damage or injury, you may wonder if renters insurance cover pets. The true answer is that it depends on your renters insurance policy. The liability coverage of renters insurance will most likely provide some protection when it comes to pets. You will ultimately want to review your policy and check with your insurance company for exact coverage. In some cases, you can specify a specific coverage for pet damage.

The liability coverage of a renters insurance policy will usually cover damages or injuries that your pet incurs on others. In other words, if your cat scratches you, your renters insurance policy will likely not cover your medical bills associated with the scratches. If your cat, however, scratches a guest in your home, then your renters insurance may cover the medical expenses incurred by your guest for the scratches. Payments would be made up to your policy limits.

How renters insurance covers pets also takes the type of pet into consideration. For example, some renters insurance policies will not cover exotic pets, specific breeds, or pets with a history of claims. Designing the right renters insurance policy with your needs in mind (pets included!) will provide you with the coverage you want when you need it. Find the right insurance company that can provide you with the coverages you want and need!