Does Renters Insurance Cover my Roommate?

Roommates and Renters Insurance
Renters insurance covers those listed on the policy up to the coverage limits.

Renters insurance generally covers the persons listed on the policy and may include those related to the named persons. Insurance is state specific. So it is important to check with a licensed agent in your area who can guide you on the best approach for renters insurance if you are in a roommate situation. So when you ask, “does renters insurance cover my roommate?”, it will probably come down to whether or not his/her name is on the policy.

Renters insurance has coverage limits. These limits are shared among those listed on the policy. To maximize coverage for your personal belongings, licensed insurance agents may recommend a policy only in your name even if you can list your roommate’s name on your policy.

Another benefit of only listing your name on the policy is related to a claims history. If you share a policy with a roommate, and your roommate files a claim, there is a chance that claim will be part of your insurance history. Claims on your insurance record may affect future premiums.

Renters insurance may or may not cover your roommate. In many cases, if your roommate’s name is not on the policy, then he/she will not be covered. Ask your licensed insurance agent about the pros and cons when adding or excluding your roommate from the policy.